1. Can I rest assured about Quality Assurance?

    HLJ Casting is ISO9001 and TS 16949 certified die caster. Total quality management is thoroughly implemented from tool design to die casting and CNC machining. Each product shipped is guaranteed to meet the technical expectations of our customers.

  2. Why buy from China?

    a) Logistics advantage: We ship from Dalian, Ningbo, or Shanghai. These are the largest ports in China, which are convenient for ocean freight. You will always get your products on time.

    b) Price advantage: China is still low in labor and land costs. It has well established supply chains of raw materials necessary for the making of dies and molds, and die castings. There is no such premium as importing a certain raw material. You will always get the most competitive price possible.

    c) High quality: High quality is achieved by the implementation of total quality management system; the upgrading of the production equipment; and the regular training of engineers, production managers and workers.

    d) Political and Economic Stability: Compared to other developing countries, China has been politically and economically stable. There has never seen a political unrest in China since early 1990s, which interrupts your supply chains.

    e) Sound track records: We have been supplying quality products at competitive prices to customers in the automotive and aerospace industries for a decade.

  3. Are we intellectually protected?

    We sign a confidential agreement with our customers and our subcontractors in China to protect your intellectual properties. Your drawings and tools are your properties. We attach a plate to your tool with all the necessary information on it. We use the tools, but don’t own them. They are your assets.

  4. How do we communicate with the Chinese factories?

    You send your requests to us at HLJ Metals. HLJ Metals is located in Canada. All our staffs here speak and write English and Mandarin. We talk to our production managers and engineers, and then to you in English.

  5. Can we audit the plants?

    Yes, you are welcome. Our plants are audited by our customers pertaining to quality control, and the safe and clean working environment for the workers on a regular basis.