About Us

Corporate Overview

HLJ Metals is the overseas sales operation of Harbin Longjiang Casting Co., Ltd. (HLJ Casting) in China.
HLJ Casting is a contract manufacturer of die castings in aluminum, magnesium, grey iron and ductile iron.
Ever since its establishment in 2001, HLJ Casting has been supplying aluminum water pump housings for auto engine cooling, and charge air cooler tanks for diesel engine cooling modules; cylinder heads, cylinder head assemblies, intake manifolds and intake manifold assemblies for auto engines; aluminum, grey iron and ductile iron casting components for auto steering and auto clutch systems; and aluminum housings for electric motors and A/C compressors.
Over the past decade, HLJ Casting has invested extensively in the technological and technical improvement of manufacturing processes in aluminum die casting, die & mold design and construction, CNC machining, assembly, and total quality control.
With three different manufacturing facilities in China (die & mold manufacturing, die casting, and CNC machining), we are proud of ourselves as being a quality aluminum and magnesium die casting partner that is capable of satisfying customers’ needs for aluminum die casting, CNC machining, and assembly of components for the automotive and non-automotive industries across the globe.
We are committed to providing our customers the highest quality in products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to care and respect each individual employee, and provide clean and safe working environment for every employee.

Our Value

Our value is “Precision Tools, Perfect Castings”. We too focus on the partnerships with our clients, suppliers and our community.

die-casting-facility CNC-machining-facility tooling-facility
Die casting facility CNC machining facility Tooling facility